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Shatter + Change is your business transformation advisory.

Together, we guide ambitious business owners through a hands-on process of growth-oriented change.

Through our network, resources, and personalised coaching, we’ll break through your limitations, discover a greater purpose, then pursue it with confidence.

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What we do

Strategy & Planning

Success in business begins with a robust plan and a feasible strategy. Our approach kicks off by identifying your short and long-term personal goals.

What is it you are wanting to gain from your business aside from more income? Is it more free time? Freedom or flexibility? Most importantly, does your business leave you feeling fulfilled? We then address how this works into your business and tailor a strategy to suit.

Are you thinking long term (10+ years) or a shorter term (3-5 years) and exiting? How large does the company need to be to provide the outcomes of your personal goals? How much resource (time, funds and 'mental load') can you realistically provide the business?

With approximately 96% of small businesses failing within the first two years of operating, Shatter + Change provides the clarity, support and expertise needed to grow your businesses, faster.

Coaching & Accountability

Shatter + Change provides a uniquely accessible model with fees affordable by almost any business.

Depending on the level of involvement your business requires, all clients receive unlimited* access to advice in varying forms, regular face-to-face (where possible) strategy sessions and access to a network of complimentary experts at preferential pricing. It is also not uncommon to receive referral customers from within the network.

Shatter + Change becomes your trusted advisor in all aspects of your business. Having gone through the process numerous times ourselves, from startup to exit and everything in-between, we understand completely the nuances of running a business in all climates. Many of our clients think of us as an instrumental part of their teams and we wouldn't expect anything less.

Training & Resource

Shatter + Change offers 1-to-1 workshops that develop management capability in the following areas:

Business Planning
Business Systems
Marketing Strategy
Capital Raising

Workshops may also be eligible for 50% funding.

Often business owners find it difficult to find reputable partners that align with their business goals, values and requirements.

Shatter + Change has a substantial network of professionals, suppliers and agencies that have been vetted over time and built strong relationships with. This includes:

Digital, Web, Design & Marketing
Creative, Copywriting & Photography
IT Support
Accounting & Finance
HR & Talent
Real Estate
Investment, Capital & Banking
Operations & Supply Chain
FMCG & Wholesale
About Us

Murdoch Razmi

About us

Murdoch Razmi

Principal advisor at Shatter + Change and active Director/Investor in New Zealand businesses.

Murdoch currently sits on the board for one of New Zealand's fastest growing agencies, is a member of the Institute of Directors New Zealand and is currently completing his MBA at Auckland University of Technology.

Having set up, established and exited multiple businesses of various sizes and across a breadth of industries, his experience and strategic thinking provide growth-minded companies the clarity and assistance they need to thrive.

Taking a pragmatic approach to combing real-life experience and theoretic frameworks, Murdoch provides an immersive and personalised experience contrary to your standard consultant experience.

Find out more via LinkedIn or schedule a complimentary initial meeting to discuss how we can help transform your business.

"I reached out to Murdoch for some advice and direction regarding my car grooming business. He guided me through the essential steps of launching a new business, covering strategy, goal setting, financial planning/budgeting and brand/positioning. I now have clarity in my business and am on track to reaching my short and long term goals we set together. I highly recommend Murdoch as an advisor."

Levi Norton
Director, Mr Valet

"Murdoch provides tremendous amounts of value to the Board and wider Powerhouse team. I have witnessed his evolution over time from the original founder to a governance and strategic advisor position and highly value his vision and people-centric approach. Not many people can say they have “walked the walk” and still continue to do so, which is why I believe he would be an asset to any organization. "

Danielle Croome
Managing Partner, Powerhouse Agency

"Murdoch provided tremendous value to Oxen Accounting of which he was a key shareholder in the set up phase. Our systems were designed and automated by Murdoch so we have more time to focus on our customers. Murdoch was always available and went above and beyond to ensure our success. The relationship is now a strategic partnership and Murdoch still carries his passion for excellence in all that he does."

Jeremy Wilson
Managing Director, Oxen Accounting

"Murdoch brings an exceptional level of expertise to help accelerate business goals. He was able to look at our business holistically and help us reach core goals to continue to expand our business. Couldn't recommend Murdoch highly enough."

Ellie Richards
Co-founder, By Maverix

"Murdoch was incredibly informative. The structure and frameworks have been simple to follow and I felt confident asking questions when needed. I felt Murdoch was highly invested and genuinely cared about the future of my business. This relationship has been eye opening and I’m excited to unlock this new found potential."

Lana Randles
Founder, Atramentous Tattoo Studio
Levi Norton
Director, Mr Valet
Danielle Croome
Managing Partner, Powerhouse Agency
Jeremy Wilson
Managing Director, Oxen Accounting
Ellie Richards
Co-founder, By Maverix
Lana Randles
Founder, Atramentous Tattoo Studio

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